Our Kayaks & Gear

Our Kayaks

We use Polyethylene kayaks from different brands and models trying to match your technical level and weight.

Single kayaks we have Prijon Seayak and Kodiak, P&H Delphin 150, Venture Capella 166, DAG Miwok with rudder, Wilderness Systems Tempest 165 and 170,  NDK Sport and Sportive.

Doubles we have Prijon Capri II and Wilderness Systems Polaris 180T.

Our Paddling Gear

We try to use comfortable and efficient paddles & paddling gear:

Paddles Werner Skaggit CF and Tybee CF

PFD's Astral V-Eight

Spraydecks Hiko Trek

Jackets Palm Centre

Dry bags HF

Nalgene water bottles with filtered water

Portugal Kayak

Alvará 37/2012

Seguro AP 200878300

Seguro RC 201037360

Contact: Rui Calado

e-mail: portugalkayak@gmail.com

Phone: +351 931408575

Everyday is a good day to paddle :-)


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